Engines of Extinction

by Chris Martin

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In 2013, former Delta Force sniper and CIA paramilitary contractor Jared "Greyhound" Baxter was recruited to serve as boots on the ground in a shadow war far removed from his experience in the Global War on Terror. Instead, this was a clandestine arms race seeking a technological breakthrough of almost incomprehensible power… and consequences. Now a veteran of high-stakes combat involving techniques, tactics, and technologies a blissfully ignorant general public still believes are a decade or more away, Baxter was spit out the other side of the machine and branded a traitor by his own government. Alone, broken, and on the run, Greyhound has done the unthinkable in his desperation — he's gone whistleblower and he's turned to you for help.

Engines of Extinction is a six-episode epistolary novel from journalist Chris Martin (Modern American Snipers, Beyond Neptune Spear, Shaping the World from the Shadows) and artist Ben Mauro (Chappie, Lucy, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Elysium, The Hobbit, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Man of Steel). Each monthly installment is presented as an email from Jared Baxter to you, the reader, including attachments of evidence to lend credence to his claims. These attachments range from classified documents to communication intercepts to schematics to screen grabs and photos of what he's seen and done.

Engines of Extinction imagines a modern-day equivalent of the Manhattan Project and its paramilitary counterparts. In doing so, it explores the near future of special operations warfare, including human augmentation, powered exoskeletons, increasingly capable and complex drones, and the next generation of ubiquitous high-performance computing. Military science fiction deeply woven into the fabric of the real world, the EoE is based on extensive interviews with Tier 1 operators and leading scientists.

Engines of Extinction: Episode I - The End & The Means is available now at Amazon.com.

Visit www.EnginesofExtinction.com for regular development blogs and the latest news.

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