Before 1776 (Great Courses, #8510)

by Robert J. Allison

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List of the 36 Lecture Titles
1The World before Colonial America
2Spain's New World Empire
3John Smith, Pocahontas, and Jamestown
4Virginia and the Chesapeake after Smith
5The Pilgrims and Plymouth
6The Iroquois, the French, and the Dutch
7The Puritans and Massachusetts
8New England Heretics—Religious and Economic
9The Connecticut Valley and the Pequot War
10 Sugar and Slaves—The Caribbean
11 Mercantilism and the Growth of Piracy
12 South Carolina—Rice, Cattle, and Artisans
13 New Netherland Becomes New York
14 King Philip's War in New England
15 Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia
16 Santa Fe and the Pueblo Revolt of 1680
17 William Penn's New World Vision
18 The New England Uprising of 1689
19 Witchcraft in New England
20 Captives and Stories of Captivity
21 The Indians' New World
22 Family Life and Labor in Colonial America
23 Smallpox, 1721—The Inoculation Controversy
24 France, Senegal, and Louisiana
26 The Atlantic Slave Trade and South Carolina
27 The New York Conspiracy of 1741
28 The Great Awakening
29 The Albany Conference of 1754
30 The Great War for Empire
31 Pontiac's Revolt against the British
32 Imperial Reform—The Sugar and Stamp Acts
33 North Carolina Regulators Seek Local Rule
34 Virginia—Patrick Henry and the West
35 Destruction of Tea and Colonial Rebellion
36 Independence and Beyond

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