The Great Courses (Course No. 1592)

by Lee M. Silver

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  • The Great Courses (Course No. 1592)
This is Course Number 1592 which contains 4 DVDs and Course Guidebook. Contains 24 lectures of 30 minutes each. Course Lecture Titles 1. A Scientific Approach to Understanding Life 2. What Is Life? 3. What Is a Human Being? 4. Mendel's Theory of Genetic Inheritance 5. Why Identical Twins Are Not Identical 6. Chromosomes and Sexual Reproduction 7. Digital DNA and the Secret of Inheritance 8. From Genes to Cells 9. Tools of Genomics and Biotechnology 10. The Landscape of the Human Genome 11. Why Your Liver Is Not Your Heart 12. Natural Selection and Species Evolution 13. Individual Human Variation 14. Evolution of the Human Genome 15. Hidden Whispers from Past Lives 16. Family Pedigrees and Simple Disease Traits 17. Global Human Genetics 18. Genetic Divergence in Human Populations 19. The Genetic Foundation for Human Morality 20. A Recipe for Constructing the Brain 21. Brain Chemistry and Personality 22. The Genetics of Mental Disease 23. The Paradigm-Shifting Impact of Genetics 24. The Future of the Human Species

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