Lucid Dreamers

by Roy Johnson

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High school senior David Birch and his three best friends can control their dreams, a gift they all enjoy … until their nightly escapades suddenly take a dark turn.

As a high school senior, David Birch does the things most kids his age do—he goes to school, hangs out with his friends, helps out at home, and wonders about his future. But David also does one thing that sets him apart from the usual high school student: David Birch has developed the ability to control his dreams.

In his dreams, David can create his own reality. He can “go anywhere, see anyone, be anyone, or even try different outcomes.” He can manipulate his environment and do whatever he wants, seemingly without consequence. The only thing that would make his dream world any better, he decides, is to share it with his best friends, Rae, Steve, and Bobby.

And when David’s friends realize that they, too, have the gift of dream control, the four friends set about to meet each other every night in their dreams. While still “in reality,” they choose the spot and arrange a time to meet when they’re all asleep, and when they gather together in their dreams, they invent any number of fantastic scenarios for themselves—from flying through the sky like “stars across the universe” to creating the perfect family life or making an unattainable classmate want to date them. Because their dreams are as real and lucid as their waking life, they decide to call themselves the “Luciders.”

PublisherTwo Harbors Press
Release date 03.05.2012
Pages count226
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