Hitler and Nazism

by Enzo Collotti

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Well i read the English version of this book and it taught me a lot of Hitler's evil deeds to Jews. I realized a lot about how Hitler's ideas came to be and what he did leading up to world war 2 and how Jews were treated under his rule. I also found out a lot about how people feared Germans during this time period and the brutality used against Jews. Like how inhuman can you be if u make a human into your test subjects for your experiments that would not produce any sort of benefit. Germans had done many wrongs during the period of Nazism in Germany and because of this idea of Nazism millions of people died against it and many thousands died under it.But then i also feel that the allied side in World war 2 should have took action earlier and this would have prevented thousands of people die over a racism and take over. It made me realized a lot about the world and wars being fought over because of the most stupid reasons. If the world could recognize differences between every race, culture , human then we wouldn't be having so many wars and fights. Nazism has left a very deep negative impact on the world and made us realize that these types of ideas must be prevented because of the pain and suffering it can cause if these ideas spread.

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Release date 01.11.1998
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