Thoughts on the Physics of Quantum Physics

by Richard Thomas

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The author has researched the literature of the scalar quantum energy field related to quantum physics for over 10 years, and has written his thoughts in simple, easy to understand terms. He has read the historical records referencing the scalar energy field that has developed over the past 100 years and has been fascinated by the pioneer researchers that discovered the various methodologies of experimental designs and applications. Surprisingly, there appears to be concepts related to scalar quantum energy recorded in the Old Testament writings of the Scriptures. There appear to be the use of energy concepts that carry over into the New Testament of the Scriptures, as well. Of course, whether the concepts surrounding the recorded events of ancient times were thought of in terms of energy or kinesiology, is doubtful. From this point in the history the author believes these ancient events were examples of scalar energy at work.

Much of this research, however, has never made it to mainstream science. This is mainly because quantum physics operates by different laws than Newtonian physics. This creates a delimma for science. Obviously, established science is not going to disgard the scientific protocol that has been developed over recent past decades. However, the author would like to think that the macro-Newtonian protocols would continue to be advanced, while the micro-Quantum protocols could also be recognized and further developed. And maybe we are coming to the day when both are fully recognized. Advancements seem to be developing in both sectors. Science is moving forward at a rapid rate, indeed.

In the meantime, however, as a consequence of the seemingly non-recognition of the energies this document discusses, many discoveries related to scalar energy have been lost or forgotten over time. The general population has no knowlege of these things. The concepts seem completely foreign and unknown to most individuals. The literarture that records this research is still available for for those who are interested to investigate it. An elementary Reference Section is included listing books related to this study.

In some parts of the world there are active investigations taking place related to scalar energy. The author has had the good fortune to communicate with individuals have been willing to share ideas, research concepts, and instruments created over the past decades that confirm that serious investigations have been carried out by those who have gone before. The US Psychotronics Association has archieves of information and has members who are in active research related to scalar energy. It is true that many such inventions are manual in design and are very basic concepts. One must keep in mind that scalar energy is often a thing of simple mental process. However, the author has developed a sense of appreciation for the expertise, genius and craftmanship that the old pioneers demonstrated in their designs.

This document is a collection of thoughts and references related to the field of scalar energy as it relates to quantum physics. It is a tiny glimpse of a tiny part of the physics of quantum physics and how some preceive that it works.

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