Nazism, War and Genocide

by Neil Gregor

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The history, psychology, and pathology of Nazism and its practices have been addressed by an almost limitless list of authors, historians, and researchers since the twilight of the Third Reich.This volume of specially commissioned essays from internationally recognized scholars, available for the first time in paperback, provides a new approach to Nazism in its full spectrum of influence—the history of its racial policy, social systemization, planning for war and genocide, and disturbing legacy. Featuring major authorities in the field, including Ian Kershaw, author of the best-selling biography Hitler, as well as notable British and American academics, Nazism, War and Genocide reflects on the most contemporary research available on the history of the Nazi movement, and shows how Nazism’s radical ideological drive penetrated the most far-flung areas of German society and everyday life.
Written in a clear and accessible style that will appeal to the general student while continuing to stimulate scholars, this remarkable volume reminds us that the crimes of the Third Reich were ultimately born of the decisions of a political, military, and administrative leadership of singular ambition, drive, and brutality—one whose uncomfortable legacy continues to haunt us in the present day.

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Release date 01.05.2008
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