Witching Time

by Jean Stubbs

Book review

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This is a great book. I would classify it as urban fantasy, as it is taken place in our current world and has elements of magic in it. The magical elements are not very pronounced, though. It is more like they are interwoven in the story. In the end, magic does play a large roll, but in a quiet way. Nothing flashy, no broomsticks, but there all the same and simply a part of the world.

The story is about Imogen, who is still grieving for the death of her husband and is invited to stay with an old school friend. Her friend is a staunch Christian and married to a vicar, but Imogen finds herself attracted to 'the listeners', a group of standing stones, and to a group of craftswomen who practice witchcraft. Being a milliner herself, eventually she joins them, but soon finds that all is not well in the world. Witchcraft is far from being universally accepted and the witches have an enemy...

Release date 02.07.1998
Pages count384
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Book rating3.85 (41 votes)