Short Stories

by Barry Wright

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Three short stories comprise this book. Each story will be continued in the next edition of Short Stories: Love, Sex, and Passion.
My Summer Fling
Jacob, an eighteen year old was spending his summer without his best friend Mike. Mike had left with his mother to spend the summer with relatives. Jacob knew that his summer was ruined. Then Jacob caught sight of Mr. Parker, aka Mike’s father, relaxing in the sunshine. Mr. Parker’s impressive body and cock took Jacob on an obsessive and thrilling sexual adventure.

Blood Love
Antonio was turned into a vampire more than two-hundred years ago by a beautiful and enigmatic stranger. Over the past two hundred years Antonio has become bored with his vampire life. There seems to be no purpose to his existence. Antonio has never been rekindled with his maker until his bi-centennial celebration. Jonathan appeared, Antonio’s maker, unexpectedly to the party creating more mystery and confusion by telling Antonio that he has to go in hiding. Antonio’s love for Jonathan is ignited inside him and the prospect of a new adventure excites Antonio.

In The Woods
Paul was looking forward to a weekend in the mountains with his wife. Unfortunately she was called in to work and Paul was forced to go with his brother-in-law, Timothy. Paul remembered Timothy being a skinny obnoxious kid. But Paul has not seen Timothy in almost a year. When Paul picks up Timothy emotions run rampant as Timothy has developed into a muscular stud. Emotions fly as truths are revealed, and Paul and Timothy are being stalked by a stranger in the woods.

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