Extinction Is Forever

by Louise Lawrence

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I really enjoyed this collection of science fiction short stories by Louise Lawrence. There were interesting repeated themes (common to teen SF of the 80s and 90s!) of humanity destroying the Earth and some really interesting explorations of what it means to be human and how humanity can become better in multiple different ways.

1 The Inheritors - an interesting starting choice as I think this was probably the weakest of the collection. It is the story of a girl raised in a cult that worships an alien being who tells them how to make a better world, since the real world is dying of pollution and apathy, and of what happens when a boy comes to join them from the city.
2 Extinction is Forever - I really liked this story of a time-traveller from the 90s who finds a future world destroyed by apocalypse and a new human species that lives in the sea (it also contributes to the cool picture of the cover of my edition). He has different priorities to the people of the future.
3 A Love Song for Arni - an interesting story of a girl raised on a starship who longs to become a great musician like her hero, Arni, who wins all the interstellar song contests. But Arni isn't all that admirable in reality and she has to question her life purpose.
4 The Death Flower - A student is caught up in an interstellar government plot to get a death flower from one planet to teach the inhabitants of another how to be wise and stop killing and torturing each other and the world.
5 The Silver Box - a sf 'ghost story' about a boy and girl from two times talking to each other - but can the future be changed?
6 Mackenna's Patch - quite a dark story about a future in which the gap between rich and poor is insurmountable because political protest is not possible due to the robopolice surveillance
7 Rigel Light - my favourite story of the collection about a girl raised alone by a group of humans growing vegetables and fruit to send out to miners. The native inhabitants of the planet are used as slaves and misunderstood by all but her.
8 All is One - a nice little story about a boy who is stuck as a servant to a interstellar fur trader that he hates and a cat-person who has a different kind of consciousness

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