Son of Groucho

by Arthur Marx

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This is partially an autobiography of Arthur Marx, Groucho's son (who's still kicking today at 89), and the difficulties and benefits of growing up with a famous father, and partly an unvarnished look at the great man himself.

Much darker and confessional than 1952's Life With Groucho, this reveals Groucho as a tight-fisted, emotionally withholding man who cut his wives and children alike with his caustic remarks.But this is no "Grouchie Dearest," as Arthur still loves and seeks approval from his "Padre," and Groucho is also shown to be a sentimental man, who is ultimately, if grudgingly, proud of his son.

I also appreciated the fact that even though I'd read 19 (no lie; I counted) previous books written by or about Groucho and his brothers, this book still had several stories I hadn't heard before.

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