Dark Apostle

by Anthony Reynolds

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Seems like a nice, pulpy read; the building of a tower seems to give it a bit of Biblical breadth, and the...well, the apocalypse is right there, isn't it?I mean, 40K into the future and Bob's your uncle as far as eschatological scope, innit?

Here's how Martin Amis would start it, perhaps:

My name is Dark Apostle Jarulek of the Word Bearers, though you wouldn't think it to look at me.It's such a gurgle, such a gag and such a hiss; all title and no tune, as me mum would say.You'd think with a name like that that I wouldn't blend into the spiritual light of the breakfast table.But there I am, going for the orange juice with a leather (elven, if I may be permitted a vanity), silver-studded ogre gauntlet, probably causing the orange molecules to juice themselves all over again with fear and, bam, mum has me hand all ready for a bandage - goddamn her spatula - and it's really like that every day. A wonder I didn't become a delicate child, all moue and prim and cocoa-eyed.A wonder, because a guy like me shouldn't have to ask to be passed the Sugar Toasts, the blurry melon (I need eyeglasses; and how long have I put that off?) or the damned orange juice. It's a wonder I'm a bearer of words, living at home and watching my language around mum.It's a wonder.

"Georgie," I say to my brother Georgie. "Can you pass the orange juice. Please."

Georgie looks at me and looks at mum.Mum has gone back to using her spatula for what it's for. Eggs.He looks back at me, and his eyes are two unapologetic lanterns under the loafy fog of his hair. Oi, but he thinks something sly. And he goes and says, "Get it your goddamn self."

PublisherGames Workshop
GanreScience Fiction
Release date 02.09.2007
Pages count416
File size4.7 Mb
eBook formatMass Market Paperback, (torrent)En
Book rating4.46 (336 votes)

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