The Feng Shui Guide to Clearing Your Space

by Antonia Beattie

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  • The Feng Shui Guide to Clearing Your Space
Feng shui is among the most popular trends in contemporary architecture and interior design. The Chinese theory of placement has been used for centuries to improve health and happiness and bring people wealth and prosperity. In The Feng Shui Guide to Clearing Your Space, Antonia Beattie and Rosemary Stevens present the basic principles of feng shui along with space clearing techniques and customs from other cultures, including Tibet, India, and Native American tribes.If the flow of energy in your living or work space is obstructed by clutter or dirt, you may feel uneasy or off balance. Room by room, Beattie and Stevens take you through your house and make simple suggestions about what to do. Cleanse unhappiness from your life in your bedroom, and get a good night's sleep. Decorate your bedroom to find new love or your living room to make new friends. For career success keep a lamp burning in your main entryway.The Feng Shui Guide to Clearing Your Space is filled with literally hundreds of simple ideas you can incorporate in a minute to change every aspect of your life. This book is the perfect housewarming or hostess present.How to Stop Good Luck from Leaking Out of Your HomeFix leaking taps promptly.Always flush the toilet with the lid down.Place a sink plug over all sink drains.Cover all floor drains holes with natural fabric until they are needed.Always keep the laundry and bathroom doors closed. "Transforms age-old principles into simple practices that people can use to improve their lives right away. "An eclectic and accessible introduction into making your home make you happy, healthy, and wise. "Charming watercolors and boxed tips make this a beautiful package designed for wideappeal at a very attractive price.

PublisherLansdowne Publishing
GanreNon Fiction
Release date 02.03.2003
Pages count79
File size2.8 Mb
eBook formatHardcover, (torrent)En
Book rating3.84 (7 votes)

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