Children of Extinction

by Geoff North

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What’s first contact really like? In 2009 four teenagers discover something wounded in the wooded farmlands of western Canada. Forget extra-terrestrial invasion and conquest by a superior force—our ultimate demise lies eighty-thousand years in the past. All it will take to wipe out the last few thousand humans left on prehistoric Earth is a virus—a disease the alien intended to deliver—now unknowingly carried by two of the teenagers.

Abraham Feerce and Becky Turnbull are sent back in time to fulfill the alien’s mission, their bodies enhanced to survive the harshest of conditions. And to make matters worse, a super volcano is set to erupt in the South Pacific, plunging an already cooling world into an even darker Ice Age.

Sheila Feerce and Allan Bagara remain in the present, forced to guard over the injured being. They’re given extraordinary mental abilities—the power to manipulate and command everyone around them. A reign of psychological terror begins in their hometown as the teenagers take control—teachers and bullies go missing, abusive parents take their own lives... and the thing in the woods watches.

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